Experiments: How to be a DIY MythBuster?

The present internet age has brought us unprecedented accesses to information, as well as allowing many of us to be information providers, so we no longer need to rely solely on established authorities and channels (whether governments, corporations, organizations or media with their partial views). But how do we select and assess among this deluge of information, to decipher and ascertain what's beneficial and true to oneself? how do we find and cultivate our own discernment and wisdom? Should we just give up and let those old and new establishments rule our thoughts, acts and how to spend our wallets? How about those old and new charlatans? Let's remember how we learned the basics? the school laboratories and lab classes on physics, chemistry, biology, etc. that let us see for our own eyes how our wonderful world works.

With proper tools and proper setup instructions (procedures, not conclusions) and the available subject (oneself), every one can learn a great deal about oneself. To turn "other's experiences" into our own experiences, and over time with enough practices, every one can be armed with knowledge and skill to be our very own MythBuster.


1. Play with your bio-sensor kit enough, so you know about your normal baseline.

2. Select the latest fad or miracle routine you are interested in, figure out how to access or obtain the essential (at least entry-level) information without costing your arms and legs.

3. Study and figure out how this new/old stuff/routine is supposed to work and what effects to bring forth. Well, if you cannot figure this out, you should probably save your money and wait for a better time, or this is probably not your cup of tea. Well, if you are ready to splurge, then splurge.

4. Record and tag your "before" state of being. Start and tag the "experience" episode, tag (positive or negative) any unique sensory or emotional events as they may occur. Tag the beginning of post-episode period, stay quiet and still for at least 10 minutes while recording your "after" state of being.

5. Analyze and compare your before, during, after states of being. Share your experiences with others by posting your results and comments.