Registration, Download and Posting Policy

To share your data or to post any comment or suggestions, please register first.

We respect your privacy and recommend that you do not put up any personal information during registration, posting or any other communication activities. The registration process would only need account name and password setup to establish your virtual identity.

Please note, any bio-signal data set in one of the supported Open formats, may or may not be fully compatible with any Open Application or 3rd party software. Interpretation or usage of any results from such software is entirely at the user's own discretion and responsibility.

Also, not all Open Application or other 3rd party software may operate with bio-sensor or bio-sensor data set to yield useful information. The user acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the provider of the Open Application or other 3rd party software.

To obtain information and download Open Application, and other 3rd party software, please follow the relevant links.