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Example EEG Features: Left vs. Right

Several EEG examples are shown here, from different individuals and comparing right and left top forehead signals, to highlight the features and differences between peoples.  Top trace shows Right side EEG, second trace shows Left side EEG, and if there is a third trace showing accelerometer Z data for head posture and movements.

1.  Person1: showing signal waveforms with very distinct differences in amplitudes and features. Watching videos and ebook.


Examples of EEG and ECG(HRV) features

Taking advantage of free EDF Browser and free Audacity(R) programs, our EEG and ECG data set can be brought to live, and actually quite easy to read out our internal activities.

1. EEG: Audacity(R) showing EEG spectrogram and corresponding 3D accelerometer and temperature sensor data.  For a whole evening: walking, dinner, video watching, book reading, meditation, sleep, meditation, breakfast and music listening.  The accelerometer data show clearly how the head posture changed with each activity.  The various sleep stages and patterns are also easily discernible.


Where to find bio-sensors?

In recent years, there are more and more bio-sensor products on the market for consumers utilizing various sensor technologies, some more affordable than others, and few allow access to actual sensor data streams.

Links for many of these products are listed below.  You can help us make this list more complete.

Motion sensor pedometer:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-579306/p...

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