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The Age of Self Discovery

It's very interesting time and place we human beings live on this beautiful planet earth. On the one hand, there is accelerating progresses in sciences and technologies that are unimaginable merely decades ago, yet the more we learned and progressed, it often seems that we were peeking at ever smaller slice of greater mysteries of the big picture beyond.


How to monitor and improve posture?

Our spine routes and protects our nervous system from head to the rest of the body, while bearing the full weight of our head, body, upper limbs through all the activities we do throughout our life. Prolonged incorrect postures tend to degrade, damage and deform our spine and associated muscles and ligaments, which in turns create pressure points and can cause problems to all our internal organs regulated by the nervous system.


How to view, analyze and edit bio-sensor data set using Audacity(R) software?

Audacity(R) is one of many useful open sourced free software, initially developed for audio and music applications. It is equally useful when adapted (with some limitations) for exploring bio-sensor data sets, such as EEG, ECG, SCR, etc. Audacity(R) is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. It is equally useful for editing and analyzing bio-signal data files (in .WAV format) such as EEG, ECG, etc. both in the time domain (waveform) and in the frequency domain (FFT).


BioShare (OpenPath) Mission (OpenPath) is dedicated to enabling new insights, new generation of software and applications based on broadly, cost-effectively and conveniently available bio-signal data sets. Through sharing knowledge and data sets among ourselves, we aim to raise common interests and provide educational means to ourselves, and all who might be interested in.

We support and encourage sharable data sets and applications through support of Open formats, Open Applications and Open Development.

None of the above should be used for monitoring or treating a medical condition.

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